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Civil Transactions Laws and Procedures

It is one of the most important branches of private law that regulates the relations that arise between people, and it is the law that regulates legal and financial ties with the exception of those related to trade, as well as the personal relations of the relations of individuals to each other and to each other, and with this definition it regulates two types of private relations for individuals, financial transactions and personal rights or obligations It is the link between the creditor and the debtor, the source of which may be a contract, a will, an illegal act, or a beneficial act.

Criminal Penal Laws and Procedures

A law regulating how to punish anyone who violates a legal rule, imposing legal punishment on him, determining permissible and prohibited acts, and requiring a penalty for every crime. Criminal law or penal law is a branch of legal science that is related to crime. It can be defined as the set of laws that the state sets about prohibited behavior that threatens the security, safety and interest of the public and exposes them to danger.

Commercial Transactions Laws and Procedures

Commercial law is a set of legal rules that govern the conduct of business and merchants and determine the applicable legal system. It is considered one of the branches of private law. The principle of commercial law is based mainly on encircling and codifying the forms of dealing, whether the merchant with the merchant or the merchant with others, to allow the law to clarify everything that hinders freedom of trade. The commercial law also takes care of arranging commercial disputes and cases of recourse to the courts. The judicial body that Consider the dispute by country.

Company laws, incorporation and procedures

The Companies Law is the law regulating the establishment, incorporation and types of companies, and it is also recognized as the constitution governing the life of companies, being the original source of the company’s existence as well as in ruling the company to extinction, and it regulates the procedures for ending the life of the company as a legal person, as well as determines its validity, rights and duties, and the rights and duties of shareholder partners and its beneficiaries

Family and Child Affairs Laws and Procedures

It is a set of legal rules that regulate the relationship of individuals among themselves in terms of parentage and marriage, and the consequent intermarriage, birth, guardianship, custody and rights to alimony, custody, inheritance and will. And in the past, the jurists did not use this term, but they used to give a special name to every subject related to the principles and comprehensive provisions, such as what is related to marriage and its provisions and the consequent dowry, housing, alimony, lineage, provisions of eligibility, stone, wills and its types, and everything related to divorce and its provisions and effects of alimony and kit and others. Everything related to the provisions of inheritance, and in jurisprudence is called the provisions of the statutes.

Cryptocurrency and e-commerce laws

It is a type of special law that requires the dealing in currencies that are only available in digital form, and do not have a physical existence (such as banknotes and coins). It has similar characteristics to physical currencies, but allows instant transactions and unlimited transfer of ownership, examples include virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies or even “digital fiat money” issued by a central bank. Similar to traditional money, these currencies can be used to purchase goods and services, but can also be restricted to certain communities such as for use within an online game or social network, and a digital currency is a financial balance electronically recorded on a stored-value card or other device. Another form of electronic money is network money.

Medical and health affairs laws and medical liability

A medical liability law is responsible for identifying and addressing medical errors and the patient’s rights to life, health, and treatment. It is primarily concerned with what constitutes direct harm to the patient and the general health of the community, the quality of services provided to patients, and the professional ethics of medicine and other health professions.

Laws protecting rights, freedoms and political life

The concept of rights and public freedoms is an advantage granted and protected by positive law, while freedom is an advantage granted by natural law and protected only by reason. Authority) are two separate, opposing circles that cannot be in one circle unless they are relative. The authority has also become restricted with the political consent of the people and the law that was legislated by the people’s representatives to be the term (public liberties) as if it were a combination of these two (freedom and power), hence the (human rights) that came in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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